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Changes to the Rail Safety National Law – from 1 July 2017

15 June 2017

A series of changes have been made to Rail Safety National Law and ONRSR is asking all accredited and registered operators to familiarise themselves with the updated legislation prior to its implementation on July 1.

All changes were approved by state and territory ministers at the Transport and Infrastructure Council. In Western Australia, the changes are subject to a separate parliamentary process and timing and ONRSR will advise when this has taken place. 

The key changes are:

  • Monthly returns – all accredited operators are required to use the NEW Monthly Return Form in submitting their July return. The form includes the requirement to report on rail safety worker numbers. It must also be submitted for accredited operations in Queensland. 
  • Annual return – this is no longer required and the form has been removed from our website.
  • Fees – changes to the fees model include the introduction of new fees, which apply to Major Projects only.

For further information visit our amendments to legislation page or contact Belinda Gull, Senior Policy Officer at or phone (08) 8406 1531.