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National Operations Committee (NOC)

The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) continues to improve national uniformity and consistency in operational matters across the country.

A key means by which ONRSR seeks to achieve this is via the National Operations Committee (NOC) meeting which is chaired by Peter Doggett, Chief Operating Officer. The NOC meeting, held on the second Thursday of each month, is attended by all ONRSR Directors Operations as well as other key managers. The monthly gathering of all key operational decision makers at the NOC meeting presents a great opportunity whereby Directors can meet and canvas rail issues around the country.

An opportunity exists for operators to schedule a time slot (usually 30 - 45 minutes) at a NOC meeting to have an open and honest two-way conversation with key decision makers within ONRSR  to present ideas and/or concerns to the group.  In return, it provides an opportunity to shed light on the reasoning behind regulatory decisions made by ONRSR officers.  The intention is for all parties to gain a greater appreciation of the decision making processes we all follow, and hopefully lead to a greater shared commitment to improving rail safety.

Only one operator can be scheduled to appear at each NOC meeting. The NOC Calendar provides details of meeting dates and venues which will help you to determine which meeting you wish to attend.

If you wish to take up the opportunity to meet with all the jurisdictional decision makers, please contact Business Support Officer, Terri Warren on 08 8406 1561.

As an adjunct to the monthly NOC meetings, and as part of the stakeholder engagement strategy, each ONRSR office conducts an Operations Forum at various times throughout the year.  While the NOC meetings are an internal ONRSR meeting, the Operations Forums have been established to enable multiple operators to attend to discuss localised issues and are usually facilitated by the local Director Operations.

Details of coming Operations Forums can be found here.

Last updated: 16 June 2020