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Consultation on draft locomotive boiler guideline

28 November 2017

ONRSR has prepared a draft guideline for rail transport operators with steam boilers on their locomotives. The purpose is to provide rail transport operators with guidance on what evidence they can provide to demonstrate compliance with the Rail Safety National Law, especially regarding the competence of boiler operators, maintainers, repairers and independent inspectors.

It is particularly relevant to tourist and heritage rail operators. It may also be useful for persons such as independent boiler inspectors or boiler repairers, who may be asked to perform work on a steam locomotive boiler.

The guideline is intended to complement the RISSB Code of Practice for Inspection maintenance and repair of rail locomotive boilers and relevant Australian Standards.

The draft guideline can be accessed here.

Stakeholder feedback on the draft guideline is being sought by Friday 22 December 2017 to If you have any questions, please contact Belinda Gull via or 08 8406 1531.