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ONRSR's response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

24 Jul 2020

ONRSR has updated its Fact Sheet providing operators with guidance on areas where the current pandemic COVID-19 is likely to impact on regulatory requirements.

In particular:

  • Section 4 has been updated with additional information about government exemptions for health standards and further updated to reflect the gazettal of exemptions to section 114 of the RSNL in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, South Australia, the ACT, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia;
  • Section 2 has been updated with additional information regarding drug and alcohol testing;
  • Section 8 provides details of how operators can share information through the ONRSR website;
  • Section 4 updated to reflect the lapsing of previous exemptions and a new exemption for Victoria.

The latest Fact Sheet provides a detailed record of all updates and chronology.  Additionally, for your information, a copy of the various updates of the Fact Sheet appear below:

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