Safe railways for Australia

NSW Safety Alerts

  • Precautionary advice - Timken (6x11)E class package unit bearing seal failure
    30 December 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the Pacific National has detected a number of Timkin E glass package unit bearings suffering from seal failure in their WA, VIC and QLD operations. Failure of this seal may result in excessive grease leakage and may expose the bearing to ingress of water and foreign bodies that can lead to premature bearing failure.
  • WABTEC Braking System (Independent Brake Handle)
    24 December 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the ITSRR has received advice from the Office of Rail Safety WA concerning a safety issue with the WABTEC braking system and in particular the securing of the independent brake handle on JT42C S class (3300) and GT46C Q Class (4000) type mainline locomotives.
  • Passing signals at stop
    14 December 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the Glenbrook rail accident has highlighted the need for rail personnel to be aware of their responsibilities and obligations to strictly adhere to the existing procedures covering passing signals at stop.
  • Effective application of blind fasteners on rolling stock (and infrastructure)
    12 December 2013

    This Safety Alert states that during a recent program of replacing walkover seat mounts on an electric multiple unit, a rail transport operator noticed that blind fasteners did not appear to be formed and/or secured correctly for the proper installation of the seat mount to the carbody floor. At the time, it was also determined that there was no reasonably practicable technique for conclusively demonstrating that a blind fastener had been correctly formed.
  • Driver Distractions
    28 October 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the ITSRR has become aware of an Emergency Order issued by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) of the United States. Emergency Order 26 – Emergency Order to Restrict On-Duty Railroad Operating Employees’ Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Distracting Electronic and Electrical Devices – outlines the potential safety implications of the improper usage of distracting devices.
  • Tampering with railway safety equipment
    13 September 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the ITSRR has received numerous reports on equipment being stolen from rolling stock in yards. These incidents related to safety critical equipment where rolling stock was part of operational consists rather than in yard storage.
  • Prohibitions regarding riding on rolling stock
    31 August 2013

    The purpose of this Safety Alert is to remind all rolling stock operators of the prohibitions that continue to exist under the Rail Safety Act 2002 in regard to persons riding on rolling stock.
  • Being within the rollingstock outline
    22 August 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the intent of this RISN is to provide the widest possible advice regarding the risks identified above in relation to this practice. With effective procedures and well maintained equipment there is no reason people need to be exposed to this risk.