Safe railways for Australia

NSW Safety Alerts

  • Warning of potential locomotive bonded asbestos material
    16 April 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the ITSRR has been advised by Pacific National of potential issues associated with bonded asbestos material on locomotives. The asbestos present in the locomotive electrical compartments has been identified as being “bonded asbestos material” and does not present a risk to health in a normal operating environment, provided that the material is not subjected to cutting, grinding, drilling or any other activity that may cause breakage or the release of fibres from a component.
  • Worksite protection
    14 April 2013

    This Safety Alert states that determining worksite protection is a co-operative process carried out between safety staff to ensure the identification of the safest method of protecting both trains and employees.
  • Effective securement with handbrakes and stopblock functionality
    13 April 2013

    This Safety Alert refers to effective securement with handbrakes and stopblock functionality. It requires rail infrastructure managers and rolling stock operators to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of existing practices and procedures.
  • Catastrophic failure of freight axles in the barrel area
    12 April 2013

    This Safety Alert states that there have been three catastrophic freight axle failures in NSW over the past six years with the most recent incident occurring at Coalcliff on 23 November 2011. In each of these incidents, the axles failed through fatigue as a result of a stress raiser (or initiator) such as a heavy impact mark or sharp transverse incision.
  • Warning of potential asbestos material in bogie side bearer wear pads
    28 March 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the ITSRR has been asked by Pacific National (PN) to distribute the attached safety notice to NSW rail operators. PN's notice has been issued to notify on the recent discovery of Chrysotile (White) Asbestos in ‘YM’ (two piece) bogie side bearer fibrous wear liners. The purpose of this notice is to describe how to identify and manage fibrous bogie wear liners.
  • Moving plant within rail maintenance and construction sites
    21 March 2013

    This Safety Alert serves to remind accredited operators and railway infrastructure contractors of their responsibilities to appropriately control the risks associated with the operation of moving plant in the vicinity of people. All railway construction work and maintenance within the rail corridor must comply with applicable safe-working network rules, network procedures and operator specific procedures relating to the movement of rail mounted plant and moving plant on rail worksites. This type of work must also comply with the relevant OHS act, regulation and code of practice requirements relating to the movement and use of moving plant.
  • Effective operation and management of hi-rail equipment
    21 March 2013

    This Safety Alert states that number of recent RRV incidents have resulted in either runaways and/or derailments due to the loss of braking capacity, the application of an insufficient braking force or the failure of the rail guidance equipment.
  • Brake testing for the westinghouse WF2-6M triple valves
    9 February 2013

    This Safety Alert states that a derailment in WA on 31 May 2003 resulted from the effects on the track structure by up to 250mm "flats" that had developed on the wheels of the leading bogie of the offending wagon.