ONRSR is an independent body corporate established under the Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012 .

Our vision

Safe railways for Australia

The safety of the community will always be at the forefront of our strategic planning and the ultimate objective of our work to promote and improve rail safety across Australia.

Having a vision and a set of values gives us our aspirational goal and defines how we will go about realising it. It also gives our external stakeholders an idea of why we are here and what we’re trying to achieve.

We are united by our commitment to delivering safe railways for Australia and we draw on the collective experience, passion and dedication of staff from many and varied regulatory and corporate backgrounds to do this.

Our values

Our values guide and inform the internal culture and external business conduct of the ONRSR.


We have moral courage and are honest and straightforward in our approach.


We have respect for each other and our stakeholders.


Our decision making is responsive and free from bias and influence.


We persevere and apply ourselves in a conscientious manner.


We are professional, high performing and strive for continuous improvement.


Under Rail Safety National Law, “the ONRSR” comprises the National Rail Safety Regulator, Dr Natalie Pelham, and non-executive members, Trish White and Julie-Anne Schafer. These appointments are made by the South Australian Transport Minister on the unanimous recommendation of the responsible ministers.

Dr Natalie Pelham

Chief Executive

Trish White AM

Non-executive member

Julie-Anne Schafer

Non-executive member

ONRSR Executive

The Executive team supports the regulator and the non-executive members to ensure the efficient and effective operation of ONRSR and the implementation of its Corporate Plan and Statement of Intent. It works collaboratively with industry using a co-regulatory approach to enhance rail safety in Australia.

Simon Foster

Executive Director, Technical

Peter Doggett

Chief Operating Officer

Sasha Viergever

Executive Director, Corporate Services

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