As part of its responsibilities to ensure compliance with the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL), ONRSR undertakes enforcement action in instances where it considers a breach of the RSNL has occurred.

During the investigation process and any resulting prosecution, ONRSR may liaise and communicate with “victims” of the alleged crimes.

Most states and territories have legislation regulating the rights of victims of crime that ONRSR needs to comply with.

Whether you are or are not a “victim of crime” differs in each state and territory as do the respective rights of victims – including, for example, the right to be provided with information by ONRSR about the investigation or prosecution and the available support services (and possible financial assistance or compensation).

If you are a victim of crime resulting from a breach of the RSNL or would like more detailed information, please contact ONRSR’s Corporate Counsel team in the first instance via email at

Last updated: Sep 28, 2023, 3:18:14 PM