En-gaugement Forums (previously known as Operations Forum) are held at various times throughout the year and aims to provide ONRSR and rail industry representatives the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss localised operational rail safety and regulation issues specific to that region.

As an adjunct to the monthly National Operations Committee (NOC) meetings, and as part of the stakeholder engagement strategy, each ONRSR office conducts an En-gaugement Forum (previously known as Operations Forum) at various times throughout the year. While the NOC meetings are an internal ONRSR meeting, the En-gaugement Forums have been established to enable multiple operators to attend to discuss localised issues and are usually facilitated by the local General Manager - at their discretion and to suit office circumstances and local operational issues. It is intended that a Forum is held by each ONRSR Office once each year.

The forum provides excellent networking opportunities with agenda items devoted to issues of interest and local relevance. This may take the form of presentations, panel discussions and/or interactive workshops. Forums also incorporate presentations by ONRSR staff and include question time for attendees.

The forums are intended to allow attendees to:

  • discuss compliance issues at an operator level;
  • have input into ONRSR’s regulatory strategies to improve safety in the industry;
  • review and contribute to safety improvement initiatives developed by ONRSR;
  • be kept informed of ONRSR-related issues that are considered through other rail industry consultative committees; and
  • have input into focus of future sessions.

Last updated: Jan 27, 2023, 2:31:24 PM