Queensland Rail (QR) are progressing the following initiatives:

  • Roll out of a new version of Network Rules (Queensland Network Rules and Procedures) - after significant period of consultation.
    • Removed traditional TOA, ASB etc. and changed to Track Authorities (Major and Minor).
    • LPAs remain as is.
    • Where authorities are coded, the codes are locked away as the secured safety measure.
  • Implementation of lock out boxes for all track work authorities
    • All workers entering the danger zone must apply their personal lock to the lock box which contains the codes to release the track authority (secured safety measure).
    • Exploring the use of digital locks that can be released from any location with data coverage.
  • Management of access to the rail corridor (but not the danger zone) via an automated app.
  • Track Access System (TAS) has been implemented in Southeast Queensland and regionally in areas controlled by the Townsville Control Centre.
    • TAS allows for the Protection Officer in the field to request and manage a Track Authority electronically via a tablet-based program.
    • TAS has been developed to:
      • Provide efficiencies when managing Track Authorities
      • Enhance the safety of workers by reducing communication risk
      • Allow workers in the field to view and confirm the correct implementation of blocking facilities.
    • TAS is limited to managing Track Authorities only in Remote Controlled Signalling territory of the Queensland Rail network.
  • Removal of all Lookout Working as the primary form of protection state-wide.
    • The use of lookouts is only used now in conjunction with other higher levels of protection.
Last updated: Jul 11, 2022, 9:47:50 AM