Safe railways for Australia


ONRSR conducts system safety audits to:

  • Monitor the implementation, application and effectiveness of a rail transport operator's Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Monitor a rail transport operator's compliance with any conditions or restrictions of their notice of accreditation, notice of registration or notice of exemption and all applicable requirements of the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) – including Rail Safety Duties.
  • Provide formal regulatory advice, where necessary, as to whether a rail transport operator is complying with its rail safety duties and obligations.

The National Rail Safety Regulator (NRSR) authorises Rail Safety Officers (RSOs) to carry out Rail Safety Audits under the RSNL. Safety audits will be undertaken as part of the annual audit program, but may also be undertaken in response to circumstances arising at other times. Audits may be supplemented by inspections to examine the application of the risk management and SMS in practice. The timing and extent of the audit will be determined through a risk based approach.

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Last updated: 25 January 2016