ONRSR, in conjunction with the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB), has released the results of a global investigation into how world standard technology can protect track workers in the Australian rail industry.

Titled Track Worker Safety Options, the interactive report has been a year in the making and explores the many and varied options available to rail transport operators to drive and inform future investment in, and implementation of, track worker safety treatments.

ONRSR Chief Executive and National Rail Safety Regulator, Sue McCarrey said the report would provide a valuable resource for operators of all kinds, right around the country.

“Track worker safety is a priority for all of us in the business of rail safety and this information offers us a great chance to make a real difference in this space and to ultimately save lives,” she said.

“In commending this report to the Australian rail industry I am asking all rail transport operators, whatever the scope and nature of your operation, to challenge your current thinking and understand how this research can help you improve your track worker safety profile.”

The report, overseen by the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (ACRI), is the culmination of extensive research to identify applicable technologies, and comprehensive engagement with stakeholders around the country, to first characterise the technology and ultimately examine a path to adoption that is both effective and commercially viable.

Download a copy of the report and additional information below.

Last updated: Jan 3, 2023, 10:11:03 AM