Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Draft Fatigue Risk Management Guideline for consultation

ONRSR has produced a draft Fatigue Risk Management Guideline to provide practical guidance to rail transport operators on how to manage the fatigue-related risks associated with rail safety work and set out ONRSR’s expectations for meeting the requirements of the RSNL.

The draft Guideline is an outcome of the work undertaken during the review of fatigue risk management arrangements under the Rail Safety National Law and is based on the draft Fatigue Risk Management Code of Practice, which was consulted on in 2018. It has been developed with input from an industry reference group comprising members from industry, ARA, RISSB, ATHRA and the RTBU.

ONRSR welcomes your views on the draft Guideline, which is available for comment from 5 August until close of business 2 September 2020. Please submit any feedback via email at

Should you require any further information please contact Julie Bullas (Executive Director, Policy, Reform and Stakeholder Engagement) ph: (08) 8406 1550 or Melissa Radke (Senior Manager, Safety Policy & Improvement) ph: 0429 044 436.

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