Wednesday, May 6, 2020

New SMS modules for T&H and smaller operators

In response to feedback from Tourist and Heritage operators and, as part of broader stakeholder engagement, ONRSR has been working with the sector to roll out a number of initiatives to support the Tourist and Heritage sector and other smaller less-complex operators.

We have successfully:

  • delivered an education program relating to risk management;
  • held workshops to provide risk management training and awareness to sector members;
  • engaged a person whose role is dedicated to engagement with the sector;
  • produced a video providing information relating to governance obligations;
  • assisted ATHRA to develop a generic rail safety induction for operators;
  • released a Fact Sheet for the scalability of a Drug and Alcohol Management Plan;
  • established a dedicated web page for smaller less-complex operators; and
  • developed a suite of SMS modules and example resources to assist the sector in building, reviewing and maintaining their SMS.

Throughout the development of these modules, ONRSR has worked closely with RSOs, ATHRA and other sector members to develop materials that will add value and assist operators to understand their obligations, and to provide suggestions and guidance for how to do so.

It was intended that ONRSR would hold training sessions on the use of these documents, around the country, specifically targeting smaller less-complex operators to launch the modules. These sessions were intended to provide guidance on how to implement the content of the modules as part of the building or review a scalable SMS.

Given current conditions, ONRSR has decided to release the documents via our website.

On return to normal working conditions, ONRSR will then consider how best to work with the sector to provide further help with how to use these tools. It is hoped that smaller less-complex operators will benefit from the modules, through the application of a scalable approach to SMS development, while also acting as the stimulus for cultural change.

These resources can now be found on the ONRSR website.

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