Tuesday, June 22, 2021

ONRSR Engauge-ment Forum #1

In early June, ONRSR held the first of its new Engauge-ment Forums, meeting with representatives from accredited operators located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Previously badged as Branch Operations Forums (or BOFs), these face-to-face sessions are a great opportunity for industry representatives to get information most relevant to them.

NEWS Engauge ment Forum 1

The 'Pilbara' session was held in Port Hedland with nominated representatives from operators in the region and was an opportunity for ONRSR to discuss a range of issues at both an operational and policy level, to take any questions and to hear from the operators about the challenges and opportunities they face in operating extensive rail networks safely in such a remote part of Australia.

ONRSR was represented by Chief Executive, Sue McCarrey, Chief Operating Officer, Peter Doggett and Director Operations in the Perth office, Peter Cumming.

Among the topics covered throughout the afternoon were the new cost recovery model, national data strategy as well as issues particularly pertinent to Pilbara-based stakeholders such as safety performance, contractor management, track worker safety and fatigue management.

The intention is to hold more of these sessions in coming months, in particular focussing on visiting unique operating environments around the country.

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