Tuesday, November 5, 2019

ONRSR formalises jurisdiction in Victoria

Responsibility for rail safety regulation in Victoria will officially transfer from Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) to the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) from December 2.

Victoria first signed up to the national regulatory scheme in early 2014 but since that time ONRSR’s jurisdiction in Victoria has been via a service level agreement with TSV. Furthermore, at the time the new Rail Safety National Law was not applied to Melbourne’s vast tram network or a selection of tourist and heritage operations in regional Victoria.

The announcement of the official transition date comes after the Rail Safety Legislation Amendment (National Services Delivery and Related Reforms) Bill passed through the Victorian Parliament.

ONRSR Chief Executive and National Rail Safety Regulator, Sue McCarrey, said the successful passage of the legislation will deliver ONRSR status as a fully national regulator by removing the service level agreement.

“This is so much more than just putting the name on the door and opening a new office in Melbourne, rather it is about bringing to fruition years of hard work to establish ONRSR as a national resource working for all Australians,” Ms. McCarrey said.

“This is the vision that we have had for ONRSR since the doors first opened nearly 7 years ago so to be in this position now is testament to a lot of hard work done both in Melbourne, most recently, and right around the country throughout this decade.”

“The vision we aspire to every day is of safe railways for Australia and the intelligence and insights we have gained from our relationship with TSV, and now our formal establishment in Victoria, really help us in the ongoing pursuit of that goal.”

The legislative reform also allows TSV staff to formally transition to employment with ONRSR following detailed negotiations and an agreement between the national regulator and the Victorian Government.

“Their primary focus will continue to be rail safety regulation in Victoria working with colleagues across the country who have broad knowledge and skills,” Ms. McCarrey said.

ONRSR has also been working with rail transport operators in Victoria in the lead up to the announcement in a bid to ensure the formal change in regulatory arrangements is as smooth as possible.

ONRSR’s Melbourne office will open its doors on Monday, December 2 2019 and will be located at Level 10, 565 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

For further information on the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator visit www.onrsr.com.au

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