The fees relevant to registered rail infrastructure managers of private sidings, or those seeking registration, are outlined here.

As prescribed by regulation 58, the fees that are payable by rail infrastructure managers are specified in Schedule 3 to the National Regulations and listed below.

Excerpt from Schedule 3 to the National Regulations:

Section Description Fee
84(2)(b) Application for registration $1,000
87(3)(c) Application for variation of registration $250
90(2) Application for variation of conditions/restrictions of registration $250
205(2)(d) Application for exemption $1,000
208(3)(c) Application for variation of exemption $100
211(2) Application for variation of conditions/restrictions of exemption $100

The annual fee payable by a registered person is $500. The fee is payable only once each year by a registered person, regardless of the number of private sidings in respect of which the person is registered and irrespective of where those private sidings are located within ONRSR-regulated states and territories.

Registered persons will be invoiced by ONRSR, with the prescribed date for the payment of the annual fee being 31 October (in the financial year to which it relates).

A late payment fee of 15% of the annual fee is payable if the fee is not paid on or before the prescribed date.

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