A registered RIM proposing change to its operations, or the conditions or restrictions of its registration, may be required to submit a Variation to Registration if it proposes:

  • To vary the scale and complexity of a registered private siding(s);
  • To vary the railway operations to be carried out in the registered private siding(s);
  • To add or remove a private siding from its registration; or
  • Any other changes in relation to the registered private siding(s) that should be reflected in its registration.

A Variation of Registration must be granted before the RIM can carry out the proposed change.

How to apply

To apply for a Variation of Registration it is recommended that applicants first contact ONRSR to discuss requirements via the Initiate Interest to Apply for Variation of Registration Form - link provided below. An ONRSR representative will be in touch to discuss the nature and scope of operations within three (3) business days of submission of the form.

Following that discussion and confirmation of the intended railway operations an application form will be provided to formally start the process.


When assessing an application for Variation of Registration under Section 87 of the RSNL, ONRSR must be satisfied:

  • That the applicant is the manager of the private siding; and
  • That the railway operations to be carried out (or continue to be carried out) in the private siding are such that registration of the applicant (rather than accreditation) is the appropriate action.

Initiate interest to apply for Variation of Registration of a Private Siding

Last updated: Jan 29, 2024, 8:42:52 AM