Accredited rail transport operators are required to report certain network and railway operations data, commonly referred to as the ontology data, to ONRSR each year.

This annual return provides ONRSR with key information of the railway network and operational environment for which an operator is accredited, including:

  • Total track managed;
  • Details of line sections forming an operator’s rail network, including details of key network locations such as stations and sidings;
  • Details of level crossings;
  • Identification of rail network interfaces;
  • Numbers of stations or stops utilised by passenger rolling stock operations.

The annual reporting requirements under Regulation 56A of the Rail Safety National Law National Regulations 2012, are set out in:

Ontology data, once submitted to ONRSR, is available to operators via the ONRSR Portal. This data does not need to be re-submitted annually. Operators must ensure that the ontology data for their accredited railway operations is reviewed and corrected, if necessary, no later than the 21st day of January each year.

Further, operators can use the ONRSR Portal to update the ontology data at the time of any change to the network or operations information. It is not necessary to wait for the annual submission deadline.

The above document and the ONRSR Portal user interface together establish the Regulator’s approved manner and form for the reporting of this information under section 120(3) of the Rail Safety National Law.

This data is used with other information to monitor trends, identify safety issues or concerns, report on safety performance and for the calculation of annual Rail Safety National Law fees. The line section and related network location information is shared across operators to enhance the reporting of locations as part of notifiable occurrence reporting.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024, 2:30:29 PM