A notifiable occurrence means an accident or incident associated with railway operations - either Category A, Category B or Category C.

  • Rail transport operators are required to verbally report Category A notifiable occurrences (rail safety incidents) to ONRSR immediately - by phoning 1800 430 888 (24 hours / 7 days).
  • Written reports of Category A notifiable occurrences are required to be submitted within 7 days via the ONRSR portal.
  • Category B notifiable occurrences required an initial written report within 72 hours of the occurrence and a complete data submission within 14 days via the ONRSR portal.
  • Category C notifiable occurrences (counts) are required to be reported annually within 6 months of the operators reporting period.

Refer to the Reporting Requirements for Notifiable Occurrences for guidance on what is reportable and whether they are Category A, B or C.

(Note: Following changes to the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) in July 2019, a separate report to the ATSB is no longer required.)

Ongoing trend monitoring of reported notifiable occurrences provides vital information for input into ONRSR’s risk-based regulatory decision making processes that inform its work program.

Details of the specific occurrences that must be reported are specified under Regulation 57 & Regulation 28 of the Rail Safety National Law National Regulations and provided below - read on for clarification and definitions.

Last updated: Jul 5, 2022, 9:31:33 AM